Davie boy a fourth-generation beekeeper

Posted by bee hive keeping on April 14, 2012

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These days, experts like Aloyo, Eastern Apiculture Society Chairman Jim Bobb and Pennsylvania State Beekeeping Association Vice President Charlie Vorisek

Should We Ban the Use of Bee-Killing Pesticides in the United States?

Honeybees have been in gradual decline for several decades in the wild, but the sharp decrease in honeybee populations from beekeeping operations first reported in 2006 has surprised many farmers and scientists. Farmers have reported heavy losses in
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Sustainable Living Club of Manchaca

Diana Heinig, founder of the Chaparral Park Sustainable Living Club, practices sustainable living methods on her property which include practices such as gardening, native landscaping, drought tree care, water harvesting and beekeeping.
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Hays Free Press

Picnic day for bee enthusiasts

ARARAT – Anyone fascinated by bees will find something of interest at the Central Victorian Apiarist Association's annual beekeeping picnic day this Sunday, and everyone is encouraged to attend and learn more about beekeeping.
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A lot of buzz surrounds this workshop

By Katrina Geenevasen/Kingston This Week Get ready to “bee” both amazed and informed. Seldom Fools Apiculture is hosting The Art & Science of Sustainable Beekeeping, a workshop aimed at educating those who are interested in keeping their own beehives.
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Can you be a Vegan Beekeeper ~ Will Curley | elephant journal

I believe beekeeping is not only a fascinating way to explore the natural He was trained in the art of beekeeping by Andrew Cote founder of Bees Without

Harper Adams to host UK's biggest beekeeping event

This is the UK's biggest beekeeping event and one of Europe's largest national beekeeping events. At a time when the world's honey bees are in crisis the role of the beekeeper is increasingly important to ensure the health of this important pollinator.
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Davie boy a fourth-generation beekeeper

His father was around his age when he put together a school project on beekeeping. His parents even bought him a hive. Lockwood's beekeeping days ended when he went into the Army. That was until a little more than a year ago, when his interest was
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